Month: October 2014

News Flash- Introducing Microsoft Band!

We like to keep you in the loop with the latest and greatest in technology…which is why we’re so excited to introduce Microsoft Band! Feels very futuristic, doesn’t it? 🙂 Check out the video! In a time when childhood obesity is becoming an increasing issue in many countries, do you feel technology like this might be something helpful in making a difference? Leave your thoughts below.

Steve Martin: Draw Your Own Map

By Steve Martin-  MIE Expert, New Zealand Whose map are you a servant to?’- I heard this phrase quite recently and thought it encapsulated the strains teachers face when trying to be innovative in their teaching. It raised questions like: Who controls the path taken on the map? What should the most important features be on the map? How could the map be redrawn? Many teachers feel confined by state examinations and the content that needs to be taught for students to be prepared for them. It is easy to be consumed by this pressure and not too risk innovative practices that may be perceived by some to undermine a students progress towards this destination on the map. Fortunately being part of the Microsoft Innovative Expert Educator network has exposed me to a group of educators who, in their own way, are trying to redraw the ‘map’. One that not only recognizes the importance of mastering content but also the enduring skills that a student will need to be successful in life. These include global …

News Flash- Why We’re On Cloud Nine Today

“You’ve run out of storage space on this drive.” A message none of us never want to see, and one you’ll never have to see again. Today, it was announced that OneDrive is offering unlimited, yes unlimited, cloud storage for all Office 365 Subscribers at no additional cost. That’s really all there is to it, no extra conditions. The roll out will continue over the next few months so go here to sign up to be one of the first! How will this help you in the classroom? Leave your thoughts below!

The Restless Educator: My MIE Experience

By Kurt Soser, Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, Belgium For nearly ten years I have been teaching maths and physical education, right now in a business college at Steyr, Austria. I would say, that I have already experienced a lot of different things in my teaching profession and as a “restless” teacher I try to find new ways of teaching mathematics. So for six years I have been using a tablet PC with a stylus for my lectures and as I discovered OneNote it became the “…one (ring) to rule them all…“. Just joking! But I was using OneNote all day and soon I started to realize, that this would be the perfect tool to get some collaboration going on between me and my students. So for four years I have had a OneNote-based class binder for every class, where my students and I try to collect all kind of things. We put in all kinds of stuff, from interactive GeoGebra-Applets to worksheets or even Audio and Video files. Everything is stored there and can be …

Quick Tip Mondays- Using OneNote to Provide Student Audio Feedback

Here’s a quick video from the Microsoft Educator Network explaining how to use OneNote to give your students audio feedback on their assignments, saving you time and enabling more comprehensive, personal communication between students and teachers. Stay tuned for more Quick Tip Videos coming every Monday! And let us know your suggestions for other Quick Tip tutorial topics you’d like to see us create. We’re always listening!

5 Cool Things You Can Do with OneNote

1. It can do math! If you are in a meeting where figures are flying fast and furious, or you are struggling with some math and have OneNote open, you can use this program to help. Simply enter the numbers into any blank line in a note, add an = sign and hit the spacebar: e.g., (4587×2)-(3900×4)=. The answer should pop up right beside the formula. If it doesn’t, try using different symbols like the asterisk instead of x. 2. There are some great templates By default, new notes are created using a white background, or ‘paper’ as it is called in OneNote. However, you don’t have to stick with a white background, as there are actually a plethora of templates you can choose from in order to make your notes stand out. 3. It’s also a great recorder for meetings If you are in an important meeting and don’t want to miss anything, you can actually use OneNote to record proceedings. The first thing you will want to do is to create a new …

Student Spotlight: The Power of a Selfie

Hi, everyone! Anyone who’s worked with Millenials probably knows about their affinity for selfies. Turn the camera towards yourself, snap a picture, and admire. But who knew that it could be life-saving? Anaemia is a silent killer, affecting over two billion people worldwide — including 293 million children. The red blood cell deficiency, which accounts for an astounding 20 percent of all maternal deaths, can be difficult to detect – especially where access to healthcare is limited. But thinks to the Eyenaemia app, diagnosing this threat is as simple as taking a selfie. Eyenaemia is the winning 2014 Imagine Cup project and app, developed by Jennifer Tang and Jarrel Seah, two medical students from Australia. “Every single day in the hospital, we look at ways that we can actually improve things,” says Tang. “We just think, OK, we want to find any possible way that we can solve this problem.” And they did just that. Eyenaemia is an elegantly simple, non-invasive and easily accessible screening tool for anaemia that anyone with a mobile device can …