Month: December 2014

Tasha Candela: Warning- Technology Showcase Provides Extreme Bliss. Learning Electrocution May Result

by Tasha Candela Expert Educator Columnist, USA In 2011, I had the honor of participating in Microsoft’s Innovative Educator’s Forum (IEF). In order to partake, I applied to the program by outlining a class project which incorporated the use of technologies. My project began with the idea to create electronic portfolios in a ninth-grade required class called Career/Technology Foundations. The main objective of this course is to prepare students for the world of work. Electronic portfolios were a natural fit. They provide evidence of attitudes, abilities, experiences, growth, and achievements. Moreover, electronic portfolios are an excellent way of showing off technology aptitudes, a necessary skill for the 21st century learner. To begin the process of creating electronic portfolios, students were introduced to Weebly. Weebly is a free, easy-to-use website creator. With its drag-and-drop interface, user-friendly tools, and ability to personalize pages, students quickly became Weebly enthusiasts. Six separate, professional pages were required. While this project will not guarantee employment, it certainly will provide them with a competitive edge and a boost in self-concept. Sharing the …

Sukmawati Rahmad: Microsoft Mouse Mischief- How to Use and Tips

by Sukmawati Rahmad Expert Educator Columnist, Indonesia Have you ever confused asking students who love playing game to learn? In this digital century, children get used to interact with many gadgets but many of them cannot use the gadgets properly. They get cultural shocked. They use them mostly for playing games even when they are in classroom. They always wait for any opportunities using their gadget for playing than studying. So perhaps the following article can inspire you how to prepare a learning process in this situation. Not like many friends, I have just known this tool this week. Amazing, it guides us to present another way of presentation, interactive one. Students will experience the material we prepare interactively and of course interested. My sons said it is not a lesson, it is a game. Even my elder daughter wanted to try it even thought the lesson was below her age. They felt happiness experiencing the lesson.

School Snapshot: Daegu Joongang Middle School

School: Daegu Joongang Middle School Location: Daegu, Korea (Metropolitan) Type of School: Private Levels of Schooling: Secondary Number of Students: 508 Number of Teachers: 41 Number of Classrooms: 18 Website: MIE Expert: Mr. Yong Jin Lee (15 Years of Teaching, Ethics Education & Computer Training How is technology used to create conditions for 21st century learning to occur? Using Office 365, Powerpoint, Excel and Onenote in classes and the Principal will try to support excellent classes for his students. It has been a positive result using the Microsoft systems to make more effective collaboration possible among students, teachers and the school community.

Àngels Soriano: Student Voice- Technology for Participation and Empowerment

The contact our students are having with technology is increasingly done at younger ages. Even our daily habits are linked to the use of technology. It is clear that the classroom can’t be out of this world and has incorporated information technology and communication in the day. A second step was to use this technology for our students to construct their own knowledge, that create content where tools like OneNote obtained an exceptional role in the ability to adapt to the needs you want to raise students.

Bridget Crooks: The Student Voice- Top 5 Tech Tools for 2014

It is very easy to see the value in a tech tool as a teacher. We see the learning in our classrooms clearly. We are very aware of the learning that needs to take place and the movement we have to take to get there.

But sometimes we forget to actually ask our students what they like to use. And most importantly what adds value to their education; what’s easy and intuitive to use; what fits their learning and their lives.

Kelli Etheredge: Gifts for Our Students – Lync Recordings

by Kelli Etheredge Expert Educator Columnist, USA As you read this post, I am on Christmas break with my family. My children are reveling in the joys of Christmas – opening presents, playing games, perusing books – and not thinking about school for a single moment.   All is as it should be. The calm of the holiday season is wonderful. Getting to the calm, however, meant lots of hard work and studying for my seventh grader (and every other St. Paul’s Episcopal middle and high school student). As with most schools around the nation, exam week came at St. Paul’s Episcopal School before anyone could enjoy the break.   At our school, exam week followed three of the busiest weeks I have ever seen. Everything hit at once. Football state championships, Nutcracker performances, community service activities, swim team state championships, Christmas productions – all required students to miss valuable class time to pursue their other talents. It is a tough choice for many, including my daughter. The students want to excel academically, but they also have …

Tammy Dunbar: The Gift of Time

by Tammy Dunbar Expert Educator Columnist, USA ‘Tis the season when everyone is looking for the perfect present. Wherever you turn, there are gift ideas for outdoors folks, gourmet cooks, book lovers, animal fans and, of course, tech people. In our interconnected and fast-paced world, it’s easy to point, click and order something that can be delivered right to someone’s front door. But, if you listen to Dr. Seuss’s Grinch, the best gift comes without ribbons, it comes without tags, it comes without packages, boxes or bags! The best gift for anyone on your list is the gift of time. Our students need time to think, to create, to question, to explore. Technology allows us to differentiate our instruction so that students can focus on their personal learning needs. One student may be creating a great presentation on PowerPoint using Office Mix while another is still searching for the just the right resources to copy into their OneNote. When we allow students the time to work at their own pace, we can more easily focus …

Scott Bricker: The Coach’s Corner

by Scott Bricker Expert Educator Columnist, USA The more years that pass, the more I am aware of just how sincerely I want to belong and have a purpose in everything I do in my life. The irony of this awareness is that, as I approach my 40th birthday in early 2015 while also wrapping up my 16th year in education, my strong desire to belong hasn’t changed much from my days as a K-12 student, when I was slightly more idealistic and admittedly much more willing to let others take control of situations than I am today. Back then it was about who I joined on the playground, what group I followed to the lunch tables and who I could talk into being my date to Homecoming. Along with my entire circle of friends, I just wanted to find common interests with people who, at the end of the day, helped to put a smile on my face and kept me laughing, knowing that we all meant something to each other and each had …

Marija Petreska- Introducing My Column!

by Marija Petreska Expert Educator Columnist, Macedonia My column will be all about sharing tips, ideas and examples of how we use Windows 8 apps in our classroom. You are about to taste an amazing story of how I transformed a tech free classroom games into tech spiced activities. Just to make it clearer I’ll give you a sniff of what it will smell like 🙂 Have you ever done a miming game? It’s super fun, right? But haven’t you been in a situation where a student keeps on miming and no one can guess what he is doing? And they get so bored that they suggest playing something else. Well, I found a quick solution to this. How about using Vine for playing a mime game? They won’t be obliged to do the same mime over and over again, you just tap on the screen to record and share it with the class via Edmodo. They can guess as much as they like and keep on guessing when they get home. The best part …

Olalekan Adeeko: Did You Know?

by Olalekan Adeeko Expert Educator Columnist, Nigeria In today’s 21st century schools and classrooms, good ethics is an issue that needs serious attention. I couldn’t agree more with Aristotle– “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all”. Olalekan Adeeko is my name, an ICT teacher/ registrar at Baptist Boys High School, Ogun State, Nigeria. Preparing the students of today for the challenges of tomorrow with the right 21st-century teaching and learning methods is what I stand for, and inculcating my students with a love of learning. “Education without values, as useful as it is, seems rather to make man a more clever devil” C.S Lewis