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Teacher Marija: Mix a Tube and Sway It!

by Marija Petreska
Expert Educator Columnist, Macedonia

Another Sway feature I simply adore alongside with Swaying tweets is Swaying YouTube videos. And I devote this blog post on tips and ideas how to mix some video lessons and sway them.

1. Lip Sync

There are a few short animated fims that I’ve been dying to share and just thought of how to create lesson plans with them. I’ll start with with Granny O’Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty.

Not a very pleasant bedtime story, right? But why not make it a more cheerful one? Why not synchronize it with your students’ voices and make it a so they lived happily ever after story? Why not rewrite the script? Here is my idea: every student writes  his own version of the story, adds his own lines for the granny and lip syncs the film, naturally using hoarse granny voice. Synchronization would have been a tiresome task if it weren’t for Office Mix. Have you tried the screen casting feature, yet? If you played the video with a muted voice your students would easily do the lip sync. Sway all the cute Cranny videos and you’ll have a granny telling many different bedtime stories.


My next suggestion is adding narration to films without speech. You won’t have to mute the sound of the film then only add narration to it. And to make it even more fun you can assign more than one student to work on the same film and each can verbalize the thoughts of a different character. My suggestions for this activity are One Man Band and the stunning A la Française (which would be just perfect for a history lesson)

2. Storyline

I have always wanted to make my own version of the fairy tales, well who hasn’t.  My idea for creating a story video is a simple one. Students can either draw the slides of the story, as in draw on a piece of paper and use the new scannable app to upload and mix. Or use a blank PowerPoint slide and draw while recording with Office Mix ,which would be even more fun. Or (and may guess is that this is what you’d love to do) create story line slides using PowerPoint shapes and colors. Here is how:


It’s not that complicated, right? Now, retelling the same story would not be fun at all, so why not tell the same story but from a different point of view. Your first guess must be from the point of view of the wolf but no, that is not what I suggest. I suggest you do something a Nobel Prize winning author has done in a book called My Name is Red (by the way find time to read it it’s my favorite book). Why not retell the story from the point of view of the woods and the hood and even the flower basket or was it a strawberry basket (that’s the biggest dilemma in my family, my niece insists they were berries ).

And for Alice, why not make a story told by the eat me cake and the drink me potion and the rabbit’s clock and even Mad Hatter’s hat. Here are the instructions for the Alice in Wonderland story:


These are pretty simple. And for more ideas do see our project on Microsoft Educator Network.

Once you have the slides you only need Office Mix to record and do a voice over and not only can you easily make a video story, but also share it on YouTube with a click. And don’t forget to Sway your tubes. I wish this vacation would end already. Dying to hear my students’ stories that I assigned via Edmodo.

3. Grammar Movie

One of my favorite animation movie is The Croods and it is a perfect film to teach relative clauses. How? Have you seen the shoes clip? So, what are shoes actually? Fish or star fish that cover your feet and will take you over weird pointy rocks 🙂

And you do have to see this one. It’s called a snapshot 🙂 A snapshot is a rock that you use to punch yourself on your muddied face and leave a mark on.

What you can do with these cute short clips is create an Office Mix video and add slides with relative sentences. Or add a slide with a video and than a blank slide where your students will record themselves typing, writing and even doodling relative clauses.  Export the mix to YouTube and sway all the mixes. Find more teaching grammar with movies ideas here and make a long Sway of all your grammar mixes.

4. Introduce Yourself Photo

This is something I’m working on for an international conference here in Macedonia. But hey, it could be doable on a lesson. This Sway might seem dull since it’s a Sway with only your students’ photos. But there is a magic trick to it called Layer. Assign your students to create a short seven to thirty second video using either Vine or Instagram or the Windows 8 apps  Flipgram and Shuttersong or Qik (I love this one). The aim of the video is to make a short introduction of themselves. Next ask your students for a selfie and use Layar creator to add augmented reality to  the selfies. Add the videos as a layer and as an addition add their twitter handle and Facebook account, a link to their website and a contact me button. So augmented reality Sway Yearbook would be created. Now scan the image at the top of this post and find all the information about me 🙂 At least in 60 days time

5. Conversation with a Future Me

This is something I stumbled upon while  exploring on the topic video projects. It is an amazing project. Of course, you won’t be able to wait for fifteen to twenty years to make the conversation but you can start with creating videos when the students enter your class and end when the finish schooling. What you do is ask your students to make short videos with questions they want to ask their future selves and to it add some reactions like surprised, pleased, angry, astonished… Finally when they end schooling make videos with your students answering the questions and mash up the two with Office Mix. Look what Jeremiah McDonald did:

What an awesome Sway that would be!

6. Kid President

Create videos with your students in Kid President style. Just make them put a coat on and add a tie and they are ready. You can do a video on almost anything. Let’s say classroom rules, guides, announcements, what do you think videos, how tos, why tos… Mix the clips and make it in the Kid President style so add slides and mix all well. Do more than one video. You can’t sway all the awesomeness with just one video.

7. Scientific Videos

Capture all the experiments in your classroom on a video and make a Science Sway. To make it an educational video add Khan like slides in between. Mix well and enjoy swaying.   Ha ha ha we don’t need science for snow here in Macedonia there is plenty outside now 🙂

8. Time Lapse Videos

Well your time lapse videos will not be so stunning as this TED video but hey give it a try. You can even just take photos of the object you are tracing and mix all in a stop motion style. Make sure you put the camera in the exact same place you did before. I read of a students’ project where they marked the camera stand point with a pencil, but unfortunately am not a great clipper, so though I love clipping and working on my Clip OneNote notebook I often times forget to save all the goodies I find on the web. And if that doesn’t work here is my board of time lapse apps that might help.

9. Video Quiz

What you could do is cut some movie clips at certain points and upload them to PowerPoint. Add a question slide and share the presentation in OneDrive. Students can easily download the presentation, add audio, video or a drawing mix for an answer and export it as a YouTube video. Or let’s not complicate add a video and ask a question about it using store apps 🙂 (I kindly plea the Office Mix team to add Socrative to the quiz apps) Swaying Quizzes how about that.

10. Book Trailer

This could be a stop motion project. Create a book trailer for each book you read. Use Office Mix to add slides and the book website screen casting and maybe an animation you make for the trailer. I simply adore Harry Potter and reread all the sequels  every summer vacation. Have you seen the exclusive new writing on the Pottermore site Here is what I call  perfect book trailer.

11. Screen Cast

Screen Cast your Skype in the Classroom calls with Office Mix and sway the beauty.  Or have a scavenger hunt with Qik, mix all the Qiks and sway all the mixes.

12. Dictionary Videos

Make videos for each new word and sway them all in a digital dictionary. You can do Qik mimes of the word or Office Mix drawings and even PowerPoint stop motion (ha, I can’t tell you just yet how to do that I’ll need a whole post on it but feel free to sneak peek our project on Microsoft Education Network and you might find something interesting. Oh,and have you tried out the word cloud app in Office mix?

13. 30 Seconds Pitch

So you want to teach your students some entrepreneurial skills? Well then do a 30 second pitch videos. They’ll have only 30 seconds to tell who they are and what they do that makes them so special that you’d want to give them a bigger grade 🙂 Sway them in a  rolling down sway style, so you’ll have an elevator style 30 minutes pitches Sway. Time to meet Daniel Pink:

14. News Stories

Use any green screen app and make your students a weather man or the news reporter. You don’t have to paint your walls just add a green cloth or stick a green paper to it. Mix the news by topics and create a News Sway that you can update weekly. 15. Behind the scene Make short behind the scene videos from the cut out parts from your video projects by mixing and swaying them all.

15. Academy Awards

And what kind of film Sways would these be if you hadn’t awards for the best videos. Here is how to organize the Oscars at school: First you need small plastic bottles wrapped in aluminum foil for Oscars and a red paper carpet. Tell your students that they are members of the Academy and they are about to choose the Oscar winners in several categories. Make a category for each film project you do (add puppet theater and stop motion projects to the previous here is my Pintrest Board with some apps that might help you) Make a voting poll and use Excel of course. And finally announce the winners on a special ceremony you organize at school. Read you later. Oh, and here are some of my Academy Award Winners:





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