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Dai Nguyen Thi: My Story with Microsoft

by Dai Nguyen Thi
Expert Educator Columnist, Vietnam

I am a teacher of Physics and Chemistry at a small junior high school in Vietnam. I have experienced many changes relating to my home country’s education over twenty years of teaching. And honestly, Microsoft has paved a new way for me to reach the destination that I am badly longing for.

More than 10 years ago, I started knowing Microsoft through Power-point and Word Apps. Actually I have utilized these Apps very effectively in teaching for preparing the lectures requiring presentation. I have altered my teaching methodology by combining traditional way of teaching using the blackboard and chalk with the ICT application. Thanks to those alterations, I have made many remarkable achievements in education. And many colleagues of mine have also got the same results.

Along with the development of science, technology and information technology, I have discovered more useful soft-wares and information which make my lectures more interesting and vivid. As the result, my students have been so excited with my lectures, which has given me much happiness. At beginning I thought that the ICT was merely a tool for the teachers. And I used to think of the question: How information communication technology could be used as an effective tool supporting students learn well.

Until one day, I read a book published by Microsoft on Project based learning. And the book was really the satisfactory answer for my above mentioned question. Immediately, I started with the project-based learning and took part in the Microsoft Education Network accordingly. It is not exaggerating to say that Microsoft has set light on my teaching path. More successfully, my students have also been studying under the projects and now they know how to use ICT, to create some products by themselves; to utilize the relevant knowledge in order to solve successfully concrete situations in real life. Through their own products, the useful messages of life have shown off. It is true to say that “The computer is the most significant tool which the mankind has ever invented, it’s likened to the bike carrying our mindset” I have repeated this sentence voiced by Steve Jobs to my students and my colleagues.

colleaguesIt’s so great to have become Microssoft Innovative Educator Expert. When studying in the community of MIE, I as well as other MIE have much more opportunities to learn from and share with each other, to have access to the teaching methodologies and modern technology. As the result, new prospects will usher in continuously for me. My stance in teaching is that: “Applying information communication technology in the teaching is an artistic job”. The Information technology must go in hand with teaching methodology then it will make itself radiant.

My country, the education and information technology are developing, my desire is to learn well all programs of MIE and Microsoft in order to facilitate partially the positive changes in Vietnam’s education, to help students across the country reach new heights.

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