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Nam Ngo Thanh: Limitless Creativity with Animation Project

by Nam Ngo Thanh
Expert Educator Columnist, Vietnam

What do your students think about History and Literature? Do they like it or not? Those subjects are really important in education, but how would you make it interesting to students?

According to my survey, the group of student was not really interested in History and Literature. They claimed that both History and Literature are not attractive enough for them.  In my opinion, these subjects are very important for their lives. Teachers should find different ways to teach these subjects.

I would like to share with you some good ways we are using in my school “VIETNAM AUSTRALIA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL” about making those two subjects much more interesting.

If your students just listening your talk, they will be boring fast. But, if you allow them to involve in discussion, and ask them to do some practice work, it will help them remember knowledge easily and learning will become fun. Thus, we conducted for our student to do cartoon animation project related to the History, Literature, Arts and Information Technology subjects.  Two projects we have conducted successfully were “When the ocean was the confronted by an olive tree” – the story about the birth of Athens in Greek mythology – and “The Trung Sisters”- heroic traditional values.

How did we do it?

First, the students participated in lessons on the concept of the animation process from preparing scripts, building characters, designing images and backgrounds…

After completing the scripts, they practiced with hand painting, collage and graphic design. In the post-production stage, the students continued to record dialogues and prepare subtitles.

This project is excellent because of the highly diversified applicability of the knowledge that the students had learned. Combined with the fascnating history lessons, the story creation process was a journey full of interesting experiences with technology. The patriotic spirit and admirable qualities in The Trung Sisters as well as the epic Greek mythology, praising chivalry, inter-twined with self-esteem and benevolence. It was the project that allowed the students to both pratice and have fun with opportunities to discover, learn about the way of life and foster their talent.

*Products of students:

The Story: The Battle for Athens

The Story: The Trung Sisters

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