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Tutorial Tuesdays: Flip Your Classroom by Using Office Mix!

by Minnia Feng, MSEN Community Manager Another Quick Tip video for the week– this one shows how you can record voice, images, and notation in OfficeMix to make a truly 21st century lesson! It’s really simple and interactive for the students using it, as they are able to access multiple modalities to enhance the learning experience. How do you use Office Mix in the classroom? Leave your thoughts in the comments, and also let us know what other types of Quick Tip videos you’d like to see!

Quick Tip Mondays- Using OneNote to Provide Student Audio Feedback

Here’s a quick video from the Microsoft Educator Network explaining how to use OneNote to give your students audio feedback on their assignments, saving you time and enabling more comprehensive, personal communication between students and teachers. Stay tuned for more Quick Tip Videos coming every Monday! And let us know your suggestions for other Quick Tip tutorial topics you’d like to see us create. We’re always listening!